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At Electric Mustard, we like to think that those of you who are perusing our website or are following us on social media do so because you like our work, and are not simply googling the release date for Colman’s new high-voltage variety of “Shockingly Good” condiments (guys, that’s not until 2018 – calm down).


Well, without meaning to blow our own trumpet, our clients seem to like our work too. That’s why we’re honoured to announce that we are now RAR recommended for five of our key services: Branding Design, Events Design & Development, Print Design, Responsive Design and Web Design.


The Recommended Agency Register is a space where creative agencies such as ours advertise their services, show off their recent work and receive commendations. Think of it like a well stocked fruit and veg market without all of the shouting and confusing slang terms.

We are particularly pleased about this development as it means that our ethos of “it’s nice to be nice,” as well as our collaborative, sharing spirit has rubbed a few people the right way. While many agencies might take positive feedback, recommendations and general niceness from their clients for granted, we don’t. Every compliment is appreciated and taken on board for future work.


With that in mind, if ever you need a friendly team who excel in branding, design and web design/development, then give us a call on +44 (0) 117 2141 667, or email at [email protected].

Oh, and thanks very much to those who recommended us – you’re the best.

Let’s make something great together.

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