MF Doom Tribute Exhibition

Our good friend and screen-print magician Jonny Akers in collaboration Lukas Wigflex recently launched an MF Doom Tribute Exhibition, hosted luckily for us, in our home, Twos Company Studios.


Electric Mustard were delighted to have an opportunity to work closely with Jonny to create a screen print marvel. We were able to explore new horizons and experiment with a variety of printing techniques to add a special ‘kick’ to our piece.

With such a strong lineup of artists and illustrators, we certainly felt the pressure to deliver, especially as we wanted to showcase a design with a graphical edge. We approached this like all our projects, taking time to craft a purpose and reasoning behind the design. Based on a quote from Danger­doom’s ‘The Mask’.

“Is it much, too much to ask, not to hide behind the mask”.


Our design consists of a fully rendered 3D glass mask positioned in front of an illustration of the quote itself; this has the effect of displacing, distorting and hiding elements of the words. Now, the technical bit, after making the necessary preparation for printing including splitting layers etc. It was then screen-printed onto quality 350gsm skin touch black paper, using a solid layer of white ink, followed by 2 glow in the dark and 1 silver run, the result, a stunning visual metaphor.

Opening 5th May; while Medikul and DJ Skint were setting the atmosphere, the space filled up quickly generating a great vibe in the show. There was lots of energy and in-depth conversations about the displayed works by 45rpm, Tony Riff, Idle1, Richt, Eject, Philth, Cheba, Aero, Greg.ak, J.A.P.P and of course Electric Mustard. It’s always reassuring to hear so much creative discussion.


Our favorites; two illustrated posters by Nathan Evans (NE_Illustration) you can really see his personal graphical edge within his illustrations with intricate detail and satisfying typography. Another piece that caught our eye was Eject’s MF Meat Grinder, ‘hand painted on steel’. We’ve been a fan of Eject’s work for a while and love the retro styling of his work, it is a very interesting avenue to take the brief on MF Doom. The final piece and possibly our favourite is by Lukas Wigflex, ‘MF Goon Squad’. Although its probably due to the nostalgic edge from the cartoon characters, it does function on a few levels including fun, well produced and printed with real gold!

Closing 10th June; The closing party this Saturday at, Two’s Company Studios, 61 Old Market Street. Bristol. BS2 0EJ. Your last chance to view on this day 10am -11pm.

You can also view and purchase the exhibited artwork and clothing on.

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