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Put down the website template: there’s a better way forward for your business

Todd Sayer

Creative Director & Founder

There are a large number of web development tools and templates available for businesses now, that allow them to create functional websites themselves – but is that right for your business? If you just want a bare bones and utilitarian approach to web design, then maybe so. But if you want your website to sparkle, create an instant impression, and leave a lasting impact, you should still think very seriously about reaching out to the professionals. A simple template may be cheaper, but saving money and value for money are two very different things. Outsourcing web design offers exceptional value for money for all businesses. Here are just a few reasons why.

A unique look

Outsourcing to a professional web designer means you can have a website that has been built specifically for your business. Why settle for less? There are a million websites out there cut from the same cloth using the same boring templates – for very little investment you could have a truly unique, bespoke website. With so much competition in the virtual marketplace, this is your opportunity to make your mark. Think of your website as the virtual equivalent of your storefront – it needs to to make an impact to grab customer attention.

Total functionality

A good looking website is useless if it’s unintuitive or tedious to navigate. Customers demand responsiveness from the moment they land on your website to the moment they finish checking out. Bespoke web design ensures your website boasts consistent performance by streamlining the features to only things you really need. Most templates come with a host of “one size fits all” features, that you may well have no use for. Let a professional web developer create bespoke solutions to your website requirements for a more responsive website.

Ongoing support

Building a website is only half the battle – once it’s built, how do you keep it running? A template will do you no good when it comes to keeping your website operating efficiently. When you work with a professional web developer, you get access to ongoing support as well as the initial website build. So when it’s time to update your website, it’s taken care off easily and efficiently. Similarly, you’re going to need regular security updates on an ongoing basis to keep your website secure for your customers – professional web designers will provide them. So forget about the templates – a bespoke website is what your business truly deserves. Reach out to a professional web developer today, and take the first step to making it a reality.

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