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The Old Fire Station

The Old Fire Station

Redefining a local legend

Range of Work

Branding, Stationary
Event Artwork

Project Description

The Old Fire Station is a much-loved cultural Bournemouth icon. Known as a hub of musical innovation and appreciation, its identity is closely woven into the city’s character. Electric Mustard were approached to revamp and redefine the club’s existing visual identity.

We quickly tapped into the heart of the brand and venue itself – vibrant, bold and of the city. Our creatives worked with the club’s team and the local Student Union to uncover and explore what this club’s character truly represented.

The fire station venue has inspired the visual language for the project, using patterns, colours and visual keys from the traditional fire station settings. Using simple bold diagonal and rectangular patterns found on fire trucks, developed into a system of application throughout various outlets for the brand, including print and merchandise. The strong association of colours and shapes with fire stations gives the audience an instant connection to the brand and creates a lasting imprint, ensuring recognition.

Our re-envisioned logo embodied the multi-purpose nature of the rooms of this iconic setting. The design pays homage to the flame form, associated with the brand, and we built upon this vision to create a rich diamond motif. Contemporary in feel, classic in character.

The Old Fire Station Logo - Electric Mustard
The Loft - Electric Mustard
Van - Electric Mustard
Van 2 - Electric Mustard
Van 3 - Electric Mustard
Van 4 - Electric Mustard
Circle Energy - Electric Mustard
Diamond - Electric Mustard
FS Thumb - Electric Mustard
Buttons - Electric Mustard
Woman Image 2 - Electric Mustard
Fire Station Poster - Electric Mustard
Positioning Line - Electric Mustard
Bag - Electric Mustard
Crowd - Electric Mustard
Main Posters - Electric Mustard
Posters 2 - Electric Mustard
The Old Fire Station Magazine - Electric Mustard
The Old Fire Station Building - Electric Mustard

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