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New Leaf Video Production

New Leaf Video Production

A new breed of video agency

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Project Description

New Leaf combines creativity and production, providing a new breed of video production agency. It offers consultancy and video services to clients across a range of different backgrounds and industries. New Leaf wanted an identity that will revolve around its focus of delivering fresh video concepts and the innovative structure of the company itself.

We worked closely with the New Leaf team, researching the company’s marketplace, competition and goals to determine the right visual positioning of the brand. A key requirement insisted upon by New Leaf during the process was to focus around the fresh, yet professional essence of their company.

Using two circular shapes the logo reflects the two sides of the company, which act as a visual cue to camera lenses. When overlapped they reveal the eponymous leaf. The logotype, while still having a sense of playfulness due to its characteristics, provides the corporate edge, delivering a sense of trust and professionalism.

The New Leaf identity and bespoke website, creates a sense of credibility for this new brand and helped them successfully launch and subsequently develop a strong portfolio within the first few months.

New Leaf Logo - Electric Mustard
New Leaf 3 - Electric Mustard
New Leaf - Electric Mustard
New Leaf 2 - Electric Mustard
New Leaf Business Card - Electric Mustard
Alex - Electric Mustard
Icons - Electric Mustard
New Leaf Folder - Electric Mustard
Icon Construction - Electric Mustard
Test - Electric Mustard
TS Brand Guidelines - Electric Mustard
Final Video - Electric Mustard
Responsive - Electric Mustard

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