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Nervous Records

Nervous Records

A not so nervous transition to the 21st century

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As one of the longest standing independent record labels in the US, Nervous Records has built its legacy through a willingness to take chances on new sounds and new producers. With an impressive back catalogue featuring the likes of ‘Black Moon’, ‘Todd Terry’, ‘Kerry Chandler’, ‘Armand Van Helden’, ‘Louie Vega’, and ‘Masters At Work’ to name but a few, Nervous are serious players in the music industry.

We were approached by Nervous with a chance to re-define their online presence. The previous site was starting to look a little outdated, and since it was not mobile ready, it was certainly the right time to step in.

Starting from the ground up we designed a completely new aesthetic for the website, giving the label the online presence it deserved. With the addition of a dynamic slider, we were able to highlight key areas of the label, enabling effortless promotion of events, releases and merchandise. The design is clear and uncomplicated, featuring dark greys and the label’s signature yellow.  It is bold, impactful and easy to navigate.

With the addition of the ‘custom release section’, the label can not only promote and categorise their latest releases, but their audience is also provided with an intuitive method to browse the catalogue.

Full Set - Electric Mustard
Music Playlist 4 - Electric Mustard
Music Playlist 3 - Electric Mustard
Music Playlist 2 - Electric Mustard
Phone 2 - Electric Mustard
Iphone Zoom - Electric Mustard
Mobile Phone - Electric Mustard
Oscar G Monitor - Electric Mustard
Shop Online - Electric Mustard
Nervous Records - Online Experience - Electric Mustard

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