Jun 11, 2018

We’re delighted to announce that electric mustard is now a design business associate member. It’s great news for us, and also for our clients!

As a member of the Design Business Association, we are now part of the design world’s business association. But what does that mean? Well, we’re now part of a body of agencies that want to make Britain’s design industries as great as possible, and members of an association which offers lots of practical ways for us to grow in excellence ourselves!

So what does this mean for you as a client exactly? Well, it’s all good news. Our DBA membership tells you that we:

  • Always deliver products to the highest possible quality, in line with the highest industry standards
  • Maintain real integrity and transparency in the way that we do business (One of our values! We hate nasty surprises hidden away in contracts ourselves, so we’re always honest and clear with our customers.)
  • Are always training and investing in our people. This means that you get to see the latest industry standards, trends and evolution in our work – great news for your brand and creative assets.
  • Can be trusted to do what we say – always!
  • Are professionals that are also playing a part in helping Britain’s design industries to flourish and grow as part of the wider economy. We are passionate about Britain PLC and its economy, so we’re delighted to play a part in blowing our country’s creative trumpet to the wider global market.

We’re also hugely excited about the opportunities that our membership will give us to collaborate with other creative minds. This will give us the chance to always offer our clients the freshest ideas, the best looking work and the most impactful solutions – all to give them a real edge in their market places.

We are tremendously excited about exploring the opportunities that will arise through being members of the DBA and we hope that prospective and existing clients will see the benefits too!