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How good design can help build trust and revenue

Todd Sayer

Creative Director & Founder

Great design delivers more than simply aesthetic appeal. Get it right and your business will enjoy greater trust and revenue. Let’s take a look at what this means in practice.

First impressions are instant

People form an instant impression based on the visual impact of something they see. The time this takes? Just one-tenth of a second. In this fleeting moment, a prospect will decide whether or not they are going to further engage with your messages and offer. Fail to capture their interest and you’ve lost them.

The rules of good design

Good design also requires creating a visual language that follows certain ‘rules’. Google has carried out research into what makes digital content – in this case, websites – appealing to viewers and found that those designs which appeared to ‘make sense’ for a particular category and which were simple to look at, scored most highly. When a professional designer produces something for your company, they will always be considering layouts, visual devices, fonts, imagery and the application of your brand guidelines to create a look and feel that is on-brand, on-message and designed to take the prospect through to the call to action.

Branding and design

Branding is certainly a key consideration when it comes to professional design. A designer will create your brand identity in the first place and then work to apply it consistently and effectively across all of your marketing collateral. Leave this in the hands of an amateur and all of a sudden your brand will start to become eroded and lose its impact. The trust with your audience comes when they see professional, well-crafted and on-brand materials that they recognise and which resonate with them as the target audience.

Stand out from the crowd

Graphic designers also know how to make materials stand out from the crowd. Those businesses which are using template design solutions find that their materials look very similar to competitors. Businesses which commission bespoke design have the advantage and the investment in the design resource will typically translate into an upturn in queries, sign-ups or the metric being pursued.

So remember not to cut corners when it comes to the visual representation of your company. Invest in the services of a good graphic designer, work with them to brief in your requirements and then allow them to create visual materials which will deliver the outcomes you need.

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